Why Grata Espresso?

Grata (grar'ta) is a Latin word which translates to 'appreciated', 'welcome' or 'wanted'. 
Grata Espresso/Custom Coffees was first established in late 2000 as Grata Gourmet Coffees and thereby became the first coffee roasting company outside of Melbourne.
This rapid embrace and uptake of premium quality, locally roasted beans, reflected a growing cultural appreciation and enjoyment of coffee that continues today.
Custom Coffees enjoys a reputation for outstanding coffees ethically sourced from around the world, and now supplys award winning coffee right across Australia!
Custom Coffees is regional Victoria's first coffee roaster. Roasting and wholesaling select coffee beans outside the metropolitan area, in turn means, we at Coffee Storm, use the freshest coffee, through their small batch roasting.
Located in Bendigo, we are fortunate to call them our own!
Once you've tasted Grata Espresso, you'll understand why we choose to use Victoria's premier coffee roaster!